"Betty (aka transbetty aka trans_betty)I'm your web-hostess, my name is Betty and I'm a transvestite. You may know me by my old internet nick name transbetty or trans_betty. Most of the time I live as a man, but every now and then I go out as a woman. It’s a lifestyle for me, not just a temporary hobby.

During the years I have seen some marvelous trannies on the internet. I met some in real life while attending tranny and fetish parties across Europe.

Knowing the scene I've decided to create a review site to bring you the best of transsexual, transvestite and fetish websites. Most of the sites reviewed feature either a sexy star or starlet and/or have lustful fetish content.

Me being an "insider" gives you a close view to carefully chosen list of niche pornsites. While I might have my preferences and likes and try to stay as objective as possible.

More about me

I'm in a relationship now and I'm not looking for anyone. If you want to be just friends please read below and see if we have something in common.

I like / love:

  • genuine and sincere people
  • fetish fashion, alternative lifestyles
  • dancing, sports
  • physics, philosophy and psychology
  • to have a conversation with someone interesting and intelligent

I hate / really don't like:

  • liars
  • women who confuse frenzy with transvestites with real feelings
  • people who don't read profiles

Still want to learn more about me? Check The world according to Betty – a transvestite.
My Google+ profile.